Drunk in The Milkhouse Live Video

Had the Pleasure of Opening the Show for Taproot and Nonpoint at
Rome’s Historic Capital Theater back in September ’12.
This ‘Drunk In The Milkhouse’ Video was shot By Todd Williams and edited by marcoustic.com.

Get On It

Country life is limitation. You, your philosophy, and the weather. That’s enough. Hittin’ it hard is a way of keeping the devil at bay.
Fuck them before they fuck you. Drive hard, hit fast, work quickly, keep moving, speak up, don’t wait.
A call to action becomes a way of life. So Hit the gas, spend the cash,
fuck the past… Get on it. Video Footage Shot By Marylou Hull

This is the Debut! We’re Gonna Rock This Fucker… You Don’t Want To Miss it!!

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