Animal for Animals Benefit

Playing some Acoustic Rustbelt at this great benefit for the Stevens Swan Humane Society. It’s at The Columbia in Utica. Thats at 500 Columbia st. I’ll jam a 40 min set on Fridy September 6 at 7pm. This event is a 4 day event featuring many many local musicians and acts. Please help if you can.

Just $10 admission each day. Or, get a four day pass for ONLY $12 at the link below. All money raised goes to help the animals of the Stevens-Swan Humane Society in Utica.

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The Stanley Theater Flood Benefit

The Stanley Theatre is opening its doors to bring the community together to show support for those affected by the recent floods. The Stanley is putting on a flood benefit concert next Wednesday evening. Ten Central New York bands will be playing acoustic music ranging from folk to rock – and all money raised will go to the Red Cross.

“Even those that have been mopping up and cleaning up, if they want to come in and enjoy the music, god bless them. We know they need a break too. Everybody and anybody is welcome to come in. We hope everyone in the community knows that central new york, with the biggest heart in the world, is there,” says Jerry Kraus, executive director at Stanley Theatre.

The benefit will be next Wednesday, July 17th, from 4p to 9p. It’s open to the public with a donation of $10-dollars at the door. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief.

Two Stages:

Main Lobby –
4:00 PM – 4:45 PM – The Birdseed Bandits
5:00 PM – 5:45 PM – Justice McBride
6:00 PM – 6:45 PM – Rocky Graziano
6:55 PM – 7:10 PM – Ashleigh DeCarr
7:20 PM – 8:05 PM – Falling From One (acoustic / Solomon Davies and Billy Wenzel)
8:15 PM – 9:00 PM – Gary Johnson

New Wing –
4:30 PM – 5:15 PM – Max Scialdone
5:30 PM – 6:15 PM – John Keller
6:30 PM – 7:15 PM – Ryan Miller
7:30 PM – 8:15 PM – Marcus Larabee of Rustbelt Riot

Catalyst Community Concert

Musicians from all over Central New York are banding together Sunday to remind their neighbors impacted by the recent flooding in the city that they are not alone.

Donations will be accepted at the Eternal Temple, La Vie Boheme Bistro, and Nicole’s Dance Studio and all monetary donations will stay in Oneida benefiting persons impacted by the recent flooding as per local chapter of the American Red Cross.

The event will start with a prayer walk around the affected area, leaving the Eternal Temple on Madison Street at 11 a.m. Performances and activities will be going on all day, running from noon to 8 p.m. There will be a magic show featuring Jason the Entertainer at 2 p.m., as well as balloon making and face painting.


12:30-1:00 Don Gutowski
1:15-1:45 Mammal is a mountain
2:00-2:30 Pocket Change
2:45-3:15 Elliot Clark
3:30-4:00 RustBelt Riot Solo
4:15-4:45 Jared Wentrick
5:00-5:30 Groth and Co.
5:45-6:30 Pacinello


12-12:30 Sukosh Fearon
12:45-1:15 John Keller
1:30-2:00 Shawn and Steve
2:15-2:45 Fish Creek Rodeo
3:00-3:30 Woody
3:45-4:15 Rumple Feather

Love & Compassion Benefit

Time to come together and show our support for these folks facing the hell of the senseless tragedy in the valley. Please consider attending or donating. Rustbelt Riot will Jam at noon.

March 24 at 12:00pm

Crowley-Barnum American Legion Post 25

Mohawk, New York

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Live at the Capitol Theater

This Show Is Postponed Until Late September – Stay Tuned

Through some stroke of fate or luck Rustbelt has been invited to warmup the Capitol Theater in Rome NY for Nonpoint Eye Empire and Surrender the Fall. An unlikely match up? Some might say so.. We’ll rock the fucker either way! You know how we do it. It’s good to spread the upsate gospel as we know it wherever and whenever we can. Get there early – we do our set at 6pm.


Where and When:
Thursday August 16th 6pm
Rome Capitol Theater
220 W. Dominick St.  Rome, NY 13440
(315) 337-6277

Tickets Available At:
Capitol Theater Box Office Rome
Bonamassa Guitars Utica
Tramontane Cafe Utica

8 Ball Boogie

Pool. Poor mans polo. Meditation for the working dead. Requires focus, balance, beer and impending violence. Give a drunk  beer , he drinks for a day. Give a drunk a pool cue, and mayhem ensues.

Time honored.  Post breakup,Women go to their friends,Man finds solace in tavern life. Soothing that primitive, Fuck it or kill it , instinct with other like-minded men and women of questionable sobriety and standards. But does this impulse ever leave? Maybe  its just tamped down slightly. The blasting cap for a motherfucker of a rage car bomb . Deep, subconscious, aquifers of murderous blood lust. Untapped, but accessible. Unseen but suspected. Untreated and guarded .

Rage at a world of unfair compromises. Not the least of which is that your Ex is on an all weekend bender, sucking dick in the used Ford your still making payments on. Could be time to hook up your house, pull out the blocks, and roll. Maybe South? I hear Binghamton  is warm.

America’s Veterans

Rustbelt Riot Supports our Veterans and Active Duty Military! Wake up People! Without these Fine folks we couldn’t do the things we do. Rustbelt has been invited to participate in this great event:

A Salute to America’s Veterans

All proceeds from the 3 day show go to help the Central New York Veteran’s Outreach Center, located in Utica. If you’re a fan of local music, we’ve definitely got you covered! Nearly three full days of the best bands in the area. Also, as you will see from the schedule below, we have a showing of a documentary on Saturday, with some very special guests dropping by to share their stories and even sign a few autographs. Hope to see everyone out showing their support!

Rustbelt Riot Performs Sunday May 20th at 2:15pm Sickenberger lane Utica NY Stage 1

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Red Solo Cup Party

Live at Quaker Steak & Lube – Syracuse  Friday, May 11th @ 6pm.
This event is being put on by the AIDS Community Resource and is a benefit for a good cause.
We’re helping Raise $ for Team COEd in the 20th annual AIDS walk/run.
So.. wear the ribbon and getcher ass down to this event!!

10 bucks gets you a red solo cup w/a beer in it, munchies and that great feeling inside you get when you help out yer community! $2 bud drafts after your first.

Join us with Becky Palmer from B104.7  And Team COEd for food, music, and red solo cup games!

Northern Country

East and west of the Great Lakes, above the spreading expanse of the Northern interior plains, pine forest meets the deciduous and dark, rolling hills rise into the mountains of the Adirondacks and western Appalachians. Skies open to the grey slate horizon and the cities and sprawl of the east coast megalopolis shrink. Pinched off from the riches and spoils of conquest and violence, the survivors of this region live in  a combination of rural splendor and industrial junkyard.They meet the four seasons and try to squeeze hope from a bitter harvest of lies and manipulation. Like all frontier areas, they are useful only as long as the resources hold, and are repositories of suffering and violence handed from loser to loser for generations.Others didnt even do that well. You can go see them in Canada or western states, on the phone with their lawyers, wondering what the fuck happened.

Lean to gave way to blockhouse. Blockhouse to farm, and the farm just fell apart. Factories and boom towns rose and fell. Canal traffic ceased. Industry went where it was warm and unlegislated. But through the Mohawk Valley of upstate New York to the edge of the Northern plains that open across Ohio, people have their own way.

Years followed and they sent their sons and daughters to the grinding machine. They went to war and to factories. They worked the farms and cut timber. They tried to bring something back. Most returned as an envelope of dust. Things got broken and were fixed the best they could be. The independence and single-minded spirit of the survivors rose above the tragedy. People built a culture from a mish mash of pieces spread out on the trailer floor, bathed in blue grow light and the smoke of cheap cigars.Men and women partnered off with and eye toward fulfilling dysfunctional desires.Stumbling toward the hand of fate. Blind to the danger until they too went dully into the void.

As the dark sky rolls like some chilled death’s-head, bent on annihilation. People roll up their tool belts and park the rig. They feed the children and wonder when he is coming home.They drink and smoke eat and gamble. Worry and surrender. Somewhere under all that is a hard truth. Frontier doesn’t change. The land does more to us than we do to it.Under that truth is another. The land always wins.It wears us down. Time and weather and cold and heat. We work hard to hold back the waters. We clear the snow, clean the barn, fix the roof, put on new brakes.But the shit piles up and we wear down.

People tend to raise hell when they sense the end. Once they feel that cold hand tug on their pant leg, the response is varied and interesting.Northern country stands firm with the people who do the work and whatever comes afterward. It’s the stories, good and bad. It’s a philosophy that accepts that you can’t be whole without all the parts.Each of those parts have a style and a will that drives them to the blackness in their own way.

But you can be sure that no one here gets out alive. So when the snow falls deep in the fields and that west wind howls like the wolves of Hades. You can lock the door, stoke the fire, check on the sawed off, and finally write that song. The one that tells the whole story.

Clutch Foot

Having problems sleeping? Maybe the rattle from some highway is banging around inside your head like it’s always been.That grey, cloudy space that kills and heals simultaneously. Whats your poison? You roll over and find some stranger in your bed, bottle of Old Crow on the nightstand, two crumpled up dollars and a lock blade knife. This may be your issue.

It’s tough to clear out those clouds when the next storm is already rolling in. Be prepared. Thats the boy scout motto. You live with that level of hypervigillance, filling your mind to the brim, 24/7. No room for love or empathy. No space for dreams or hope. No air for justice or faith. Violence and depression creep into the gaps, tsunami like, finding the proper flow lanes for lasting destruction.

Keep that blacksmith glow and swing your hatchet for the door, cause if the right foots on the floor, you got a head start on the bastards.