Rustbelt Riot combines the best of traditional country and alternative sensibilities with the kick of pre war depression blues and Rock. Deep regional ties and songwriting allow them to delve deep into the heart of the rural culture and plumb the embattled soul of the working poor in upstate New York.
After a decade of songwriting development and searching for the sound, Rustbelt Riot has released the Album “Death Country”. The band continues to foster the independence of the valley it represents and has created this concept without major label interference. Rustbelt Riot aims its sights at opening for major artists across the genres and spreading the gospel of upstate country as an original style all its own.
The band sites influences of Merle Haggard, Muddy Waters, Steve Earle, Bill Monroe, and AC/DC. Front man Larabee is a multi-instrumentalist and producer with an ear for melody and heavy rhythms, walking the line between tribal rhythm and defined parts. His chief interest is in drawing the line between Appalachian style death ballads and Hard Rock. Long estranged , but obvious relatives.
In an era of over produced, over edited, music with weak, watered down lyrical content, Rustbelt Riot
carries the banner of a new northern style country for all to rally around. One for the Valley.
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